Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Credit Europe Bank N.V is a Dutch bank with its head office in Amsterdam. Consequently, the bank is subject to the Dutch Deposit Guarantee Scheme which is being operated by the Dutch Central Bank. Your savings at Credit Europe Bank N.V. are 100% guaranteed for balances up to € 100,000 per person. This is based on information from the Dutch Ministry of Finance on 10th March 2009. Credit Europe Bank N.V. is licensed by the Dutch Central Bank, which regulates its banking activities on a consolidated basis in and outside the Netherlands. For more information on the Dutch Deposit Guarantee Scheme, we refer to the website of the Dutch Central Bank at

Secure Internet Banking

The following measures are taken by Credit Europe Bank to secure Internet Banking use for customers:

Customer Number and PIN
You have to type the correct combination of your customer number and PIN information to log on to Internet Banking. For security reasons, your account will be locked after 3 incorrect consecutive attempts for the same customer number.

Virtual Keyboard
Virtual Keyboard is enhancing security controls for keylogger type attacks which lead attackers to steal your information by capturing keystrokes you pressed. You will be asked to enter your PIN code by using virtual keyboard. You have the option to disable using it but we strongly recommend you to use it every time you login.

Time of Last Login
When you log on to the Internet Banking system, your ‘’last time of login’’ information will be shown to you in the main screen to check if anyone other than you used your account.

Secured Connection
128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption protocol which provides a secure environment for information exchange is used for all information being transferred between Credit Europe Bank’s Internet Banking System and your browser. This technology is the latest globally accepted standard for securing information over internet based web applications.

Session Management
- You cannot be logged on to Internet Banking on multiple browsers.
- When you don’t use the online banking system for 5 minutes, the system will log you off automatically and you will be asked to type your PIN code once more.
- When you have not used the system for 15 minutes, the system will terminate your current session automatically.

We are monitoring and guarding our systems continuously to prevent any unauthorized access and to protect your privacy and your personal details.

Credit Europe Bank performs penetration tests on its systems on a regular basis to detect possible vulnerabilities (by means of ‘hackers tests’).

The following measures are recommended to customers for more secure use of Internet Banking:

Protect Your Customer Number and PIN Code


  • Ensure Confidentiality of PIN:
    Never give your PIN code to someone else. If you think someone else knows your PIN code, change the PIN code immediately (you can change your PIN code 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Credit Europe Bank Online Banking).

  • Avoid Phishing Attacks:
    Credit Europe Bank never asks your PIN or other personal information by email. Credit Europe Bank never asks third parties to contact you by email or telephone regarding your banking business with our bank. If you receive an e-mail that directs you to enter your personal information or password, please do not respond to that E-Mails and immediately inform us.

  • Provide Direct Connection:
    Do not enter our Internet Banking site through E-Mail links or use web pages to be redirected to Credit Europe Internet banking site. You can check the security certificate of our internet banking website by double clicking on the lock sign (). The location of the lock sign can differ based on the used internet browser application and the version of the Internet browser. Check your internet browser application manual for more information. When you click on the lock sign, you should see the following URL as issued to, the trusted signer of the certificate as issued by and the certificate’s validation period. This shows that the server you are connected to is Credit Europe Bank’s server.


Secure Log off
Don’t forget to log off by using the Secure Log off sign () when you are finished working with the internet banking system. Never leave your computer unattended while you are using internet banking without logging off securely. For security reasons, only use internet banking on your own computer, not on publicly used computers.

Protect Your Computer and Network Connections
Protect your computer and (wireless) network by using passwords and encryption to avoid unauthorized access to your computer and network.

Keep Your Computer Updated
Please make sure to install any recent security updates and service packs in time for your operating system and anti-virus software.

Take care with E-mails and New Software
Never open email attachments from emails coming from someone you do not know. Also be careful with downloading and/or installing programs from untrusted parties. These two are the most common ways for distributing malicious codes (Virus, Trojan, keylogger etc.). These actions might have an effect and undesirable consequences and your personal information might be stolen. Credit Europe Bank never sends unsolicited email messages with an attachment nor distributes software or updates by e-mail.

Install Firewall, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Program
Protect your computer against malicious codes (Viruses, worms, trojan horses and spywares) by installing trusted parties firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware software. A firewall is a program that prevents others from hacking into your computer. Firewall and anti virus software are available through providers such as Norton and McAfee.